Thursday, November 1, 2007

Has Fashion Gone Commercial?

Everyone knows that today’s music industry is more commercial than ever. The true lyricism and quality projects are fading away as more “one hit wonders” are being brought to the spotlight. Money is the mission and the passion that some individuals had for music is gone.

There are also a lot of “one hit wonders” in fashion. Fashion is one aspect of culture that should not be COMMERCIALIZED. Investors and manufacturers thrive on profiting off the latest trend. The true fashion days of Nautica, Polo, Guess, Coogi and others are being replaced with commercialized “celebrity” and “pop-tart” brands, which will only be in for a limited time. Real fashion lasts forever. (but trends change)

Now of days it seems as if people buy clothes only to be accepted and not for individuality. Whatever the latest “fad” is, people tend to flock to it, even if it is unfashionable. Everyone has the right to their own opinion on fashion because fashion is all about the way you express yourself. Since commercial music is accepted in society, why not accept commercialized fashion right? WRONG!

The leaders of the fashion world today are not concerned about what true fashion is, just as long as they have their name on a piece of clothing. M.I.A.M.I. (money is a major issue), when dealing with the major powerhouses in the industry. Nonetheless there are some brands that exemplify feeling for self when sporting their gear. Those brands are frequently overshadowed by the “I have a clothing line!” brands. Yeah, everybody can rap, everybody can sing, everybody can model, AND EVERYBODY CAN CREATE A M********** CLOTHING LINE! (LOL).

Stop it Hollywood. No one wants to see another VOKAL line come out. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! I don’t know about you, but don’t you want to see real fashion again? Feel free to comment on this.

-Code Red

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fashion is DEAD

Have you went to the mall lately? What did you see? Skittles huh? Not the ones in the wrapper, but the ones on the hanger, LOL.

Today's market is catered to mostly backpackers. I'm not a hater or anything, but don't you get tired of tasting the rainbow. LOL. One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. Colors here, colors there, colors everywhere. I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! Skittles told his cousin Starburst that it was ok to come to school today with pink and purple on. Now how is that? Even females don't dress like that.

Lets face it, fashion is DEAD folks. Code Red is anti-colors. For all those people who like to dip themselves in candy painted garments, then this movement is NOT FOR YOU! (but you can have a change of heart). I know sometimes those colors may entice you, JUST SAY NO! Convert over NOW. Code Red will forgive you.

Don't you remember when fashion use to make you feel good. When it made you feel like a better person that day. You could have on the flyest outfit, which only consisted of three colors, and still gain attention. Now of days you can't really tell much about a person by the way they dress. It seems as if crazy colors is a way to attract attention. Maybe colors are in because people have lost their sense of style.

Certain colors emphasize character and wealth. Look at all the great gangsters. Why do you think they all dressed in black and white? You never saw anyone with a yellow suit and orange tie. Even in hollywood, celebrities dressed in silver and gold. Code Red's opinion is this: it is time to bring back real fashion. Don't you think?